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Great Barrier Reef

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Port Douglas turned out to be a real gem! A quaint little town with real character and a warm welcome, it is hidden away amongst the brashness of other parts of the Sunshine Coast. The Black Mountains, covered in rainforest and often shrouded in misty cloud, roll down to the turquoise sea to form the perfect setting for this charming place. Our apartment was overlooking the main street with its own private jacuzzi on the balcony. Green coloured birds roosted in the trees directly outside our room and made a real racket at both dawn and dusk. It was nice to take a bit of a break from our hectic schedule and relax together. However, there is only one reason to come to Port Douglas, despite its charms, the Great Barrier Reef and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

The sea was quite rough the day we went and even the crew had taken seasickness tablets! Some jordie lads had been out drinking the night before and spent the whole time being sick overboard – not the best way to spend $200! I decided to do a scuba dive as well as snorkelling, although I was really worried with all the million things you had to remember. Once I’d got over the shock of being pushed in frontwards, I concentrated on breathing slowly and not panicking. Firstly, you had to pass 3 different skills tests with your equipment to be allowed to carry on – took a couple of goes but finally ok. You have to keep equalising your ears on the way down which I found quite difficult at first, so I had to concentrate on that and leave the spotting of sharks and other beasties to the professionals. Saw lots of colourful little ‘nemos’ in their anemones, some spider thing (see photo), a couple of sting ray, puffer fish, angel fish, parrot fish and a large red sea cucumber to name but a few. The highlight of the day was the final dive swimming with a turtle (see photo). Apparently this is peak season time for diving, because in the summer months, the sea is awash with all sorts of deadly jellyfish, as well as sharks. Just as well we watched Nat Geo programs on Australia after we had gone diving!

Washing all done, slowly amassing more and more luggage and now we’re heading off for Ayers Rock!

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We have uploaded 6 photos - check out photo gallery

can't seem to work out how to get them actually on our page.... will keep trying x

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Cow bag comment count is up to 5! Woo hoo!

Always brings on a smile :-)

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We're off to Cairns now and the Great Barrier Reef! xx

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Fraser Island

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As you join the northern highway from Brisbane heading for Fraser, you see a road sign that says Gympie 300 km, Cairns 1,720 km and suddenly the enormity of the country hits you! Having no info in our itinerary about the trip, we spent all day guessing what was going to happen next. After 3 buses and a ferry we arrived on Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world, about 8 hours later. The sun sets dead early here, so it was pitch black when we arrived and given all the warnings about Dingoes, we decided to hit the sack. The first views of the sand blows and the 75-mile beach were breathtaking and the 4WD bus, a necessity. Just a shame it was a tad too cold to go paddling or swimming in the crystal-clear creeks and lakes we visited. Apparently, the sea is full of Tiger and Great White Sharks, so we decided to do a spot of whale watching instead - lots of spouts out of the water but unfortunately this time, no decent sighting, even from the air. Flight over the island was amazing though. Took in a shipwreck and some beautiful parrots as well as a Dingo and some Kookaburras. The quietest place on earth at night!

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Every day is a learning day.....

As a compliment to one of my favourite blogger’s, Miss Mawby, here are 5 Ozzy things we’ve learnt so far: -

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• Aspley is not only the illustrious suburb of Nottingham where I work, but also a suburb of Brisbane!
• Kookaburra’s like pork chops!
• Stuffed Kangaroo scrotum ornaments are very expensive…
• We will be part of the Australian census on 9th Aug.
• Most drivers are called Peter.

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